Tackling Skin Pigmentation: Causes, Treatments, Solutions

At Laser Light Skin Clinic, Dagenham we specialise in medically graded skin treatments, ranging from Laser Hair Removal, Million Dollar Facial Treatments, to Skin Pigmentation. All our therapists are level 4 qualified and we offer you a relaxed, personal and discreet service. Working closely with you to enhance your physical appearance and helping you to build your self-confidence. To find out more about Skin Pigmentation continue reading…

What is Skin pigmentation?

Skin Pigmentation is otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, these are areas of skin that become darker than the surrounding skin. This is caused by the skin producing more melanin, the pigment that is responsible for giving it its colour. Skin Pigmentation is a common skin condition that affects every skin type.

What causes pigmentation?

  • Sun exposure: The more your skin is exposed to the sun, the more melanin it will produce to protect your skin from UV radiation. This in due time is the cause of sunspots.
  • Skin inflammation: Such as acne, eczema, lupus and injury. Inflammation of the skin is your body’s way of fighting unwanted intruders. It can turn on itself and make these issues worse for your skin. In some cases, it can cause severe trauma to the bottom layer of the epidermis, causing leakage into the dermis. 
  • Hormone changes: This is common in pregnancy and sometimes as a side effect of birth control. 
  • Medical conditions: Some conditions such as the hormone-disrupting Addison’s disease and Hemochromatosis. 
  • Genetics: You can thank your parents for this one.

How to reduce skin pigmentation?

  • Limit exposure to the sun: Making sure you are always wearing a hat in the sun and use a suncream with an SPF of at least 30. Reapplying it every two hours. Check out our website for some of our protective suncreams.
  • Choose protective makeup: As well as applying suncreams, try using other products with an SPF protector in them or look for products containing iron oxide to help block visible light.
  • Don’t pick!: We’ve all been there, we know how tempting it can be, but the more you do so, the higher the chance of developing skin discolouration. 

Natural remedies that will help:

  • Aloe Vera: Aloesin is a compound found present in this remarkable plant. Studies have shown that it may lighten certain dark spots by preventing the production of melanin in the skin.
  • Green Tea: Is there anything Green Tea can’t do? Studies have shown that the hot drink has potential for its anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Vitamin C: This is highly effective at brightening the skin, vitamin C also increases cell turnover, hinders the production of melanin and defends against UV-related damage.

How we can help

We offer a Skin Pigmentation treatment at Laser Light Skin Clinic, in Dagenham, Essex. The treatment consists of a short pulse of light placed on the skin and moved around to other affected areas. Prior to all our treatments, a consultation procedure is required to obtain information in order to confirm suitability. Patch Tests are required before the treatment is underway. 

If you wish to find out more about skin pigmentation in Dagenham or any other services that we offer, please contact us today on 07949 501 777, or check out our website Laser Light Skin Clinic for details on treatments that we have to offer. 

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